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That's right...Go Big Or Go Home. That has been Owner / Creative Director Stella Campanelli's motto from the very beginning. So much so that there were 36 people in her bridal party! Below you will find some tid bits about For The Modern Bride and about how Stella and her team continue to be the trendsetters in the wedding industry.

About FTMB



From sweet, simple & elegant to down right wacky or over-the-top extravagant, FTMB is sought out and trusted worldwide for our custom card boxes. Every bride is different in their own right, and we make sure to cater to everyone's style and specific vision. All of our card boxes are meticulously hand crafted to-order for each client accordingly to their specific event colors, style and/or theme. For The Modern Bride has been the leading card box trendsetter since 2005 and over the years we have created and shipped thousands of card boxes for not only weddings but also for birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, Bar/Bat/B'Nai Mitzvahs, fundraisers, corporate events, industry professionals, etc. Our extensive gallery, of all different past orders, represents the reason we are the industry's preferred and leading card box company. We not only cater to the United States but globally. FTMB has custom designed orders for brides and grooms in countries such as Canada, Australia, Singapore, Netherlands, Germany, and China to name a few. Trust in us to custom design your wedding card box that will not only beautifully accent your wedding, whatever your style may be, but also remain as a keepsake to store your wedding cards and other memories of your big day!


The Very First FTMB Card Box-HA!

In addition to our card boxes, we are also a fully custom invitation, stationery & accessory design firm. Watching your wedding day come together can be a very stressful but exciting time. We pride ourselves in being as much of a one-stop-shop as possible for our clients. FTMB has outfitted entire weddings starting with "Will You Be My..." cards, to logo monograms, save-the-dates, invitations, unity candles, ring pillows, all ceremony & reception stationery, favors, dance floor decals to thank you cards and our custom gallery wrapped canvas. Anything you may need, we aim to cater. Although you may not see what you need on our website, it doesn't mean we don't do it. Never be afraid to ask, we have surprised hundreds of clients in providing what they need. Your guests may not remember the color of your bouquet or the song that you danced to, but the little details from beginning to end, when done thoroughly and tastefully, make your guests take notice and will leave that lasting impression that you worked so hard for. Let For The Modern Bride help you identify & create your wedding style, to give you that wedding you've been dreaming of.


Stella Campanelli - Owner / Creative Director

About Stella


A wedding with a bridal party of 36, yup, that's over the top. But so is Stella. "For The Modern Bride" was created just for that. For the modern bride. When planning her wedding in 2004-2005, Stella Campanelli (Owner/Creative Director of FTMB), could not find the unique and modern elements that she was looking for. One of which was the card box. To each their own, but having a bird cage, mailbox, treasure chest and wishing well was not an option for her. Not only because is it old fashioned but also because none of those options keep cards safe. Unfortunately theft is a largely growing problem at weddings, even more so now than it was 5 years ago, so she knew that security of their cards were of the utmost importance. With security in mind, Stella wanted a card box that also went with the decor of their wedding. Now mind you, she will be the FIRST to tell you that their card box was hideous, but all innovations have to start somewhere! Over the years, Stella has been delicately balancing the growth of her company with the growth of her family. Five years in, and not only has the company evolved and expanded but there is an almost 4-year old heiress waiting to take over the reigns (so Stella hopes!) and who knows what other chit-lins are still to come. Behind the scenes of FTMB is also now her husband Chris, who in addition to running his own company Bus 2 Design, aids in the website development and marketing of FTMB. A role he does not take lightly. The staff of FTMB also continues to grow which, to Stella, is one of the most exciting parts of running this company. What's so great is that the FTMB Sales Rep team is comprised of mainly past clients who just love what FTMB does and did for their own event, that they've reached out to be a part of it all and now work for the company.

The turn of 2011 has brought on many great opportunities for "For The Modern Bride" and with that Stella has decided to further expand the FTMB Studio. In conjunction with a larger workshop will be a showroom that displays all of FTMB's products and services and consultation offices for our local clientele. It's all in the works, stay tuned for Stella's big reveal and possible job opportunities.